Pretty Plate Project

March 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

About two weeks ago, I wanted to do some designs with markers.  My mind was overflowing with designs and I wanted to try drawing one on something other than a piece of paper in my sketchbook.  I decided to try a permanent marker on a plain white plate.  So, I headed out to my local dollar store and got a couple plates and a blue marker.  I always loved the contrast between a stark white plate and a rich, classic blue.  I also decided to use a softly squared plate instead of  round  to give some interest that will complement the final design.

I really didn’t have a specific design planned out or any idea of what the final concept was going to be, so I stared at the plate for a few moments and started in the spot I thought felt right 🙂  I started off with a simple flower and took it from there, really letting my marker go wherever it wanted.

I continued to connect the design elements together and build on each one…

Here’s a shot of me doodling!  Yes, I am a lefty!

Here’s a look at the final design of the first plate that I completed.  I ended up going diagonal across the plate with the interconnected design.

This is what the beginning of the second plate looked like:

Since there were only two plates, I originally wanted to do the same design pattern on both, to match and make a nice pair.  However, I started this project as a fun experiment and an outlet for my creative self to be expressed in a whole new way.  Hence, the reason I decided to do a different design.

The completed design on the second plate:

Though the actual designs were different, I decided to keep the direction of the pattern diagonal just like the first plate.  This way, they can still look like a beautiful pair and yet have completely unique designs…the best of both worlds!

Hmmm, Bella seems to like my newest endeavor!

I just love the contrast of the blue against the white plate.

A perfect pair they are!

After reading up on Pinterest about markers on ceramics, I decided to bake these plates in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to make the design last longer.  It won’t be permanent, but at least I know I can achieve the same look using the proper permanent ceramic markers!  I will mount/display these soon and post some pics of them.  I’m thinking of using these designs on a fabric…tell me what you think!


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